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Combining Different Genres in Your Songwriting

One thing about being a songwriter that I have learned is the importance of listening to a wide variety of genres. There is no one right way to write a song just like how there is no one way that … Continue reading

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The Importance of Performance Rights Organizations

As a songwriter there are many specific ways to get paid for your work. Having a performance rights organization helps by paying you and your publisher performance royalties. A performance includes live performances and a recording being played at the … Continue reading

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Hang Out In Your Head by Fresh Oil and Chips

a blues song Lyrics by Robert Braathe, Vocals and Music by Brian Huff When did you decide to hang out in your head? You want to confide but you play like your dead Was it something he did to you … Continue reading

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San Diego Wonders

Lyrics by Robert Braathe He’s marrying an ugly girl They took engagement photos in San Diego which was stupid I am feeling lucid Can you take me for a whirl? I’m feeling enragement at the logos in San Francisco they … Continue reading

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First Woman (Good Guy’s Guide)

Lyrics by Robert Braathe I gotta a sense of how dense And intense is your fence I get a feel how its real And how you wheel and you deal You are the First Woman You’ve got them laughing and … Continue reading

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New York Smile by Fresh Oil and Chips

lyrics by Robert Braathe, music and vocals by Brian Huff New York Smile Down the block at the Miner there’s major Trouble coming it’s going to be quite a rager The natives are restful but the tourists are restless The … Continue reading

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Middle of The Night at The Inn

lyrics by Robert Braathe Henry times 8 is two weeks Hand in the trash Tell him to sweep the bushes Fishing is nice especially around the two creeks Hard drive gonna crash Cash and coins found in the cushions Melodies … Continue reading

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Upstate New York by Fresh Oil and Chips

Listen on Reverbnation lyrics by Robert Braathe, music and vocals by Brian Huff My love is in San Francisco I don’t think that’s she into disco But she’s far away from the days of Albany My soul is in Upstate … Continue reading

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Month in A Day by Fresh Oil and Chips

Lyrics by Robert Braathe, Music and Vocals by Brian Huff When I’m beside you I make it a dance It’s a comfort inside you when you give me that glance Leave it behind you won’t you give it a chance … Continue reading

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Barrels Roll

Lyrics by Robert Braathe – Music and vocals TBD Her barrels roll It takes a toll Feed your holy soul Rock your role Take a fancy dance Here is your chance Make a local glance In a trance Genesee is … Continue reading

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