Finding Your Creativity

Sometimes, it can be difficult to just sit down and decide you are going to write a song. Creativity doesn’t always come when you expect it or want it to. Today I will be sharing some tips from myself and from Robert Braathe, both of us songwriters, on how to find your creativity.

  1. Keep a notebook, or your phone notes app, on you at all times. “I find often what I put on paper is “harder” to revise so I’m getting back to writing in my phone.” -Robert Braathe
  2. Go people-watching. Sit down at a mall or park and watch passerby, and try to come up with stories of them in your head.
  3. If creativity strikes when you’re busy, take a minute to at least get the initial idea down, and you can flesh it out later. -Robert Braathe
  4. If you cannot think of something in your life you would like to write about, write about something happening in a friend’s life (if they’re okay with it and you don’t mention them by name, of course).
  5. “Car rides and walks are also places I find myself creative” -Robert Braathe
  6. Try writing a silly nonsense song to a melody, then go through and replace the words with actual phrases that fit.

Those were our tips! Let us know how you find your creativity, and let us know if you use any of our tips and they work for you.

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