Collaboration at a Distance

While we are all trying not to catch a virus, yet also go about our lives, the question comes about, how do we collaborate with other musicians? How can we create a hit song without having our regular in-person jam sessions? The answer lies in the wonderful and expanding world of virtual music technology. I have compiled a list of some of the best music collaboration websites and apps:

  1. Soundtrap: This website, owned by Spotify, is a great place for musicians to collaborate. It is set up sort of like GarageBand, and it is very user-friendly. It also has video and voice call capabilities, so you can talk while you collaborate and record. It is free, but there are higher tiers you can pay for if you need more capabilities.
  2. Endlesss: This free app allows you to jam with others in real time. It is great for DJs, beatmakers, and producers.
  3. Soundstorming: This app allows you to upload your musical ideas and let other people around the world add their ideas to it. The app is free, and seems like a good way to find new people to collaborate with.
  4. Trackd: Like Soundstorming, anyone can collaborate on this global social network for free.
  5. BandLab: This cloud-based music app is free and allows creators to collaborate with each other. 
  6. Kompoz: This is a free website where musicians use whatever software they usually use (GarageBand, Pro Tools, Logic, etc.) and upload their music to the site for others to collaborate.

I have personally used Soundtrap, and I think it is brilliant and perfectly user-friendly. If you already know who you’re going to collaborate with, Soundtrap, Endlesss, or BandLab seem like the way to go. If you’re looking for new collaborators, check out Soundstorming, Trackd, or Kompoz. Let’s collaborate and listen!

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