Facebook Live Alternatives

Now that Facebook has essentially given the middle finger to artists by not allowing musicians to livestream music on their platforms, Facebook Live and Instagram Live, it’s time to consider our options. Now, just what are our other options? I have done some research and have found the best free alternatives to Facebook Live (listed best-to-worst in terms of user-friendliness):

  1. Twitch (twitch.tv)
  2. YouTube Livestreaming (youtube.com)
  3. YouNow (younow.com)
  4. Vimeo Livestream (livestream.com)
  5. Periscope via Twitter (pscp.tv)

As a “Zillennial” who is generally familiar with up-and-coming tech, I would personally recommend using Twitch or YouTube, and sharing the links when you go live to all of your social media platforms. Some people suggest Twitch is on its way out in terms of popularity; however, I believe it is still the most user friendly. YouTube live streaming is a very close second. Both allow you to see comments in real time from fans. However you choose, happy streaming!

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