Many catchy songs include hooks woven into them to catch the listener’s ear. The hook is the part of the song that helps the listener remember the song and want to hear it again. There is no wrong way to write a hook because there is no recipe for a hook. The only thing that qualifies a part of a song as a hook is that it is catchy and easily remembered.

A hook can be either a melody or lyric that catches the listener’s ear. It is often found in the chorus, but it doesn’t always have to be there. It can be a repeated line at the end of verses, a distinct sound or a melodic introduction. A good hook catches the ear of the listener and makes them want to hear it again.

You know you have a hook when people you share your song with want to hear it again or starts singing that part a week later. Hooks are found in most songs that are topping the charts, write a catchy one and your’s could too.

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