Promoting Your Songs

The hard part of the music industry is the promotion of your music especially when you are doing it alone. There are many ways to promote your music especially with the technology of today.

Social media is a main way to promote music. To grow your platform, you will need to post multiple times a week. Common posts will attract more people to your page, but be careful and don’t post too frequently.

Ideas for posting is pictures of you working on music, clips of your music, clips/pictures of you performing and lyrics. Anything that will give the hint that there is more music or performances coming.

Starting a YouTube channel for your music is also important. Post videos of behind the scenes or acoustic versions to help get a bigger audience. Also make covers of popular songs that can show off your voice.

Streaming is the main way of making money with music, especially today. Try to get your music on as many platforms as possible and post the links on all of your social media. Another way of getting more people listening to your music is by getting your music on playlists.

Live performances is another way to get exposure to your music. Perform wherever you can, coffee shops, streets open mics, anywhere. Try to find new audiences that would enjoy your music.

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