When Should You Write?

Songwriting is a skill that you build as time goes on. You don’t just sit down and write a number one hit, you need to be ready for when the inspiration hits you. So, to be ready for that inspiration, you should set aside five minutes everyday, just to write.

Most songwriters that I look up to give the same advice, which is to try to write everyday. You don’t have to write a song a day, just write everyday. You can write a poem, a journal entry, imagery exercises, a verse and more. You can use pieces of your random writings and build a song from that. It is a way to become a better writer and come up with more ideas.

Think of songwriting like a muscle. You can’t just lift 100 pounds, you work up to that. Just like how you can’t just sit down and write a song when the inspiration hits, you have to be ready for when it does.

I challenge you to start a habit to write everyday. I don’t care what you write, just work your writing muscle and see what you come up with.

Check out some of the songs on this website.

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