Chord Progressions

Every chord progression is used over and over again throughout all genres and styles of music. There is no being unique when coming up with a chord progression for a song, but there is a way to make yours more interesting.

First, changing how long you stay on the same chord can help. Sometimes I change a chord each measure and have that repeat throughout the song, but this can cause the song drag. You can change chords after one or two beats or you can stay on a chord for a few measures. Changing this up can help keep your song interesting when writing it and when people listen to it.

Another way would be changing your chord progression in different parts if the song. You can keep a chord progression for the verse, but have a completely different one in the bridge or chorus. This helps the listener identify different parts of the song.

The final way to help make your chord progressions more interesting is with using non chord tones. This helps keep the listener engaged in the song. A non chord tone is a chord or note you use in the song that is not in the original key. You can use this in the melody or chord progression and it adds a lot to the song.

Check out the songs on this website and reach out to Robert Braathe for more information!

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