Switch Up Your Writing

Writing one way can cause writer’s block and make you lose motivation to write. Switching up how you write can help keep songwriting interesting. There are many ways that you can switch how you write and gain more motivation to write that next hit song.

First, you can switch up where you write. Writing in the same area gets boring, so going outside or finding a different scenery could help you out. I like to write in my room, but whenever I get stuck on what I’m writing, I like sitting on a bench outside. Changing the scenery I’m in helps me a lot when writing.

You can also change how you write. Instead of lyrics first you can try coming up with a chord progression or melody first. This can help challenge you and your ability to song-write while keeping it interesting.

The final way to help you get inspiration to write is co-writing. Co-writing is one of the most important part of songwriting. Most hits come about when multiple minds come together and bounce ideas off one another. Finding someone who fills indoor weaknesses as a songwriter would be best. Find someone who can write good melodies if you write lyrics or the other way around. This helps keep your writing interesting.

As you can see there are many ways to help you stay motivated to song-write, you just need to find what works for you.

Check out some of the songs on this site and reach out to Robert Braathe for more information.

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