Why You Should Self Publish

When you self publish a song that you wrote means that you own the song 100%. When it comes to sharing your song with the world, mechanical license royalties, licensing commissions, and performance royalties goes to you. To clarify, if we look at a song’s ownership like BMI, you can own up to 200% of a song. 100% writer’s ownership and 100% publisher. If you had a publisher the royalties would be split usually 50/50 between the owners, unless another agreement was made.

Another reason self-publishing is great is because where your song ends up is up to you. When someone wants to get a mechanical license to record and release a cover, then you have the option to say no. You get to control who uses your song and where you song is used.

You are also not tied down to a deal with a publisher. These deals are usually exclusive, meaning you cannot work with other publishers for however long the term may be. Also, most contracts have you give the copyrights to your song to them.

Come back next week for the cons of self publishing to learn more!

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