Songwriting Forms

There are many parts to a song, they include, an into, an outro, verses, a chorus and sometimes a bridge. A song does not need all of these parts but having a mix of different parts can make your song more interesting. 

An into is the beginning of the piece and it is usually instrumental. An outro is at the end of a song and it gives a conclusion to the song. This can be instrumental or repeat important parts of the song, like the first line or parts of the chorus. 

The verse is usually a repeated melody with different lyrics but can have repetition and the melody can change to fit the lyrics. This is a part of the song that really furthers the story and adds information. 

The chorus is surprisingly not always in a song, but when it is, it is the most important. This is usually a repeated section of lyrics and melody that really attracts the listener to the song. The chorus is the part of the song that typically has the hook or title of the song. 

The final part of the song is the bridge. This is not always used, but when it is it has a great impact. This is a different part of the sing that introduces a new melody and lyrics. The bridge furthers the story and helps keep the listener engaged when nearing the end of the song.

 These parts of a song can be mixed and matched to create different song forms. The simplest song form is strophic or AAA form that is just a verse repeated with different lyrics. Another form is ABAB which is Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus and if it had a bridge instead of the final verse, then it would be ABAC. There is no bad song forms, but it is very important to choose the right one for each song. 

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