“We Should Write Sometime”

Collaborative songwriting has become very important in music today. Many hits are written by multiple talented songwriters who may specialize in different areas of songwriting. As a songwriter, I consider myself a good lyric writer and melody writer, but it is helpful having someone else to bounce ideas off of. 

“We Should Write Sometime” is the “tinder” of co-writing. It is a free app that uses the swipe-left and swipe-right idea to pair you up with songwriters in your area. You enter in information including links to songs you’ve written, PRO affiliation and strengths in songwriting. You swipe through the list of songwriters and can find people that you would like to write with. If you match with another songwriter, the app will put you in contact with them and you can start writing.

If you don’t know any musicians and would like to gain experience writing with others, “We Should Write Sometime” is a great app to help you get started.  

If you would like to write with someone, please feel free to contact Robert Braathe! You can check out his songs on this website.

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