Combining Different Genres in Your Songwriting

One thing about being a songwriter that I have learned is the importance of listening to a wide variety of genres. There is no one right way to write a song just like how there is no one way that music should sound. Learning about different styles can be helpful when trying to write your next hit. 

I am a music industry student and took my first songwriting class my sophomore year of college. This class really helped me write songs by examining different genres like blues, country and rock then trying to write a song in that genre. Even if the genre is not popular today and not something that you enjoy, writing in that genre or examining some songs from that genre could be helpful. All songwriters strive to be unique, so using different genres in your music could help you stand out from the rest. 

Try listening to a few songs from a certain genre and figure out what makes them fit into that genre. Then, try writing a song in that genre or use a few of the characteristics you found for a new song. 

Check out some of Robert Braathe’s songs on this website!

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