How collaborating with a lyricist can help you grow as a songwriter


One of the greatest rewards of working with professionals is learning from their experience. If you are someone who wants to polish your songwriting skills, you should join MuSourcing as a collaborator. Even if you have not written a lot of material, you can join the team and learn the art of songwriting.

Collaborating with someone can help you find out their unique approach to the same process. Songwriting is an artistic process. Robert Braathe, lyricist of the band Fresh Oil and Chips, has written around 100 songs which can be found on MuSourcing. Not all songwriters get ideas the same way. Robert says, “The best ones seem to come in one sitting.” Songwriters also have different approaches to the question of what comes first. Words or melody? Verses or chorus? Robert answers, “Usually the verses. Sometimes the melody but it usually is the words.”

People have different places where they get inspiration from. Robert gets inspiration from friends, people he meets or observes. Collaborating with someone can introduce you to different topics or open you up to write about different topics that you had never thought of before. Your approach to getting started on songs might vary, however, collaboration can introduce you to many other approaches that you might find even more helpful.

Lastly, it is not impossible to start learning songwriting. Robert started writing lyrics professionally in his 40s. It is never too late to start learning anything. If you have an interest in songwriting and want to improve and learn from someone with experience, join as a collaborator at MuSourcing!

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