Middle of The Night at The Inn

lyrics by Robert Braathe

Henry times 8 is two weeks
Hand in the trash
Tell him to sweep the bushes
Fishing is nice especially around the two creeks
Hard drive gonna crash
Cash and coins found in the cushions

Melodies made in the mirror
Flatliners played in the theater
Crumple up a paper
Put Fats Domino on repeat play it for two weeks
Gotta save up the cash
Primitive makes compound all the pushing

Monopoly can make it a syndrome
Maimonedes gave you the wisdom
Sit upon a spoon
Cramp into a beemer drive on up to the beach
Grow yourself a stash
But watch the lip biters they’re confusing

Remedies made in a basement
Charities chasing the pavement
Corn on the barbie
Grills nice next to zucchini and roughage
Big numbers on the dash
Get the radar man to cry with some musings


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